Early Draught #1

Stouts, coffee, and cologne.. oh my!

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🍺 Beer

🗣️ Marketing Beer

  • Stout/Porter season means it’s almost the winter holidays, which also means Advent Calendars. Beer52 has a cute one, but then again so does everyone else.

  • If you’ve had anything from New Belgium recently, you probably know their brand ambassador. You know, the guy with great bone structure (lol’ing at my own joke). They call him Voodoo Ranger. Well, they’re letting you vote on which Voodoo you like best for their next brew. So far they’ve hit me on YouTube, Instagram, and Untappd with this campaign. Who’s getting your vote?

  • BrewDog is doing the carbon negative thing, which is rad 👏👏. They’re doing the crowdfunded equity thing too, also dope (and so are Yerbaé Enhanced Sparkling Water and Kombucha Town).

  • One of Australia’s best-selling beers, Victoria Bitter, released its own scent. It’s called Thirst.

  • Moon Dog, also out of Australia, is selling you a Pub In A Box for $100 just to get you by for now.

🍻 Drinking Beer

  • Beer&Brewing.com has put together an interesting infographic looking at how the pandemic is affecting beer buying habits.

  • Cities are figuring out what to do about outdoor dining (or dining al fresco) now that things are getting a little chillier. In the UK, Westminster Council has declared businesses are allowed to continue to serve people eating and drinking outdoors until the end of October. In Japan, the government is allowing restaurants to make use of the pavement in front of their stores until the end of November. In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that outdoor dining will become permanent and year-round and he has even hinted at the permanent closure of many streets in the city.

  • The BA’s data guy (Bart Watson) pulled together some data from the Google Maps API and the BA brewery database to look at brewery closing times.

  • Since the Alberta Beer Festival couldn’t get people to come to the beer, they’re bringing the beer to the people. They launched the Beerfest In A Box, and if you happen to be up north you can take a look here to see where to find it.

😝 Stuff almost beer-related (like if you squint a little)

  • Enviro-friendly packaging. Ok, three things to check out here: 1- great report from IWSR ($) on how beverage brands are making innovative use of paper, 2- the Cassandra Daily issue on Refillable Is The New Recyclable, 3- Zero Grocery, which has already raised $4.7M.

📸 Can of the Week

Alohaaa! from Chilton Mill Brewing in Long Valley, NJ

(btw this isn’t my pic because I neglected to take one before imbibing and promptly tossing the can, so thank you to @beerismychurch on Untappd)


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– Kurt

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