Early Draught #3

Cheese, rally caps, and comic strips.

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This Week

I tasted some new prototypes at work and one was fruit loops flavored. Turns out fruit loops are just lemongrass flavored. 🤷🏻‍♂️

🍺 Beer (& cheese 🧀)

  • Usually known for their whiskies, Suntory dropped a “malt & hops beverage” that forgoes the whole fermentation process, making it free of everything: no sugar, no calories, no alcohol… no whisky?

🗣️ Marketing Beer

🍻 Drinking Beer

  • New beer-related subreddit alert! 🚨 /r/BeerSteins launched a little over a week ago and already has 233 subscribers. Collectors rejoice!

  • Here’s an interesting read from Vinepair on cult-favorite Belgian brewery Cantillon and their unlikely cookbook (from the 90s). Could you imagine wasting a delicious lambic on fancy cooking?!

  • Only now finding out that Ranker.com exists. Here’s their Best American Beers list. ICYW, Heady Topper is at #10, but I’ve always preferred Focal Banger.

😝 Stuff almost beer-related (like if you squint a little)

📲 Follow of the Week

Em Sauter is the brain and artist behind Pints and Panels. Her fantastic series include: #BeerStyleSimple, #HopVarietySimple, #AleBC, Visual Cicerone Syllabus, and #BeersImGladExist. AND she recently locked in 3rd place for “Best Blog” from the North American Guild of Beer Writers.

📸 Can of the Week

Super Session #2 from Lawson’s Finest Liquids in Waitsfield, VT. Outside Earl’s Beer & Cheese in NYC, featuring friendguy Rob.


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