Early Draught #4

Streetwear, voting, and boots of the pink variety.

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This Week

My wife and I moved out of our apartment and I was able to confidently offer the movers a beer at 10am. Athletic Brewing’s Run Wild IPA *chefs kiss*

🍺 Beer

🗣️ Marketing Beer

🍻 Drinking Beer

  • Here’s some new data from Brewers Association ($), obtained through Arryved and Secret Hopper. Not super surprised to see that brewery visits are down, because.. COVID, but very happy to see that spending per visit is up. Keep drinking, friends! (but only if you want, no pressure)

  • Half of consumers are waiting on a COVID vaccine before going back to their favorite bar, according to Nielsen CGA ($).

  • Do beers ever go extinct? Good Beer Hunting explores the existential question.

  • Meet Brewers Eye, the unbiased social beer platform owned and run by its community” coming Autumn 2020 (sooooo now?). Their mission: 1- Firmly place breweries back at the heart of beer apps, 2- Provide an unbiased platform to help breweries show how great they are away from the nonsense of ratings and reviews, 3- Empower beer lovers to enjoy, explore, and experience the incredible world of beer. And they’ve locked in some pretty cool brand ambassadors.

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    October 24, 2020
  • Mmmmm love me a good barrel-aged sour with my Skittles. *extrememly Borat voice* NOT. If you’re into that though, give Hop Culture’s beer/candy pairing list a peek.

😝 Stuff almost beer-related (like if you squint a little)

📲 Follow of the Week

Eugenia Brown, otherwise known as @blackbeerchick on Insta, is a must-follow. She’s a certified beer server/brewer, a Pink Boots Society leader, and started the Road to 100 Initiative (formerly Road to 50, but blew through that milestone), which raises money to helping minority women achieve Cicerone Level 1 Certified Beer Server. If you’ve got some time, listen to her recent interview on the Good Beer Hunting podcast:

📸 Can of the Week

Tattooed Pumpkin from Bronx Brewery in Bronx, NY. Life partner Paige in the background about to nom on some pizza outside Emmy Squared.


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