Early Draught #7: Four Loko reviews, Willy Wonka wannabes, and dragons. Yep, dragons.

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This Week

I’m listening to the Beer Songs playlist on Spotify as I write this. 🎧 I’ve yet to figure out the connection between the tunes and the title, but it’s got almost 10k followers… could someone explain?

🍺 Beer

🗣️ Marketing Beer

🍻 Drinking Beer

😝 Un-Beer

🤖 Bev Tech

  • An interesting query from Chris Albrecht at The Spoon: Are We Ready for Boozey Vending Machines?

  • It’s not bev tech per se, but non-bev tech is cool too, right? Here’s Scientific American’s Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2020. (h/t Sharing Is Caring)

  • If you’ve mentioned 🤫coffee🤫 anywhere near your phone’s mic recently, then you’ve probably seen these ads for Bottomless. It’s a coffee subscription complete with a scale that knows when you’re running out and sends you more energy beans. Soon we won’t have to think or do anything ourselves! Someone do this for beer tho plz.

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📲 Follow of the Week

Hi, my name is Kurt and I spend too much time on TikTok. On the bright side, it leads to finding accounts like this one.

Prescott Vanmeyer III, aka @unemployedwineguy, does semi-serious reviews of only the ~*finest*~ of alcohols. Count on his clips leading to a chuckle or two. With around a dozen episodes so far, he’s reviewed everything from Four Loko to Ranch-flavored soda… also Goldschläger.

*see* *swirl* *sniff* *sip* *savor*

📸 Can of the Week

Peasant King from Burlington Beer Company in Williston, VT. I used this joke on Twitter already, but yolo, re-using it here… it’s the dichotomy between the name of the beer and the brand of the purse for me. Did I do the TikTok trend right? Roast me.


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