Early Draught #5

Tarot cards, weed, and a whole lot of Guinness.

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This Week

I listened to Christmas music in the car on my way to pick up some Mad Elf. And I’ll be doing it again tomorrow to stock up on Celebration. 🎅

🍺 Beer

🗣️ Marketing Beer

🍻 Drinking Beer

😝 Un-Beer

🤖 Bev Tech and Things

📲 Follow of the Week

You must check out @theguinnessguru on TikTok. He’s up over 250k followers and tests out a whole bunch of funky Guinness combos (his fave so far is Guinness and cranberry juice).

He also did a blind test of regular vs double zero, but I won’t spoil those results here.

📣📣📣 Guinness marketing folks, get at this guy!

📸 Can of the Week

Run Wild IPA from Athletic Brewing in Stratford, CT. Perfect post-run refresher for those still getting miles in before it gets too cold.


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– Kurt

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