Early Draught #6

Broccoli coffee, pickle seltzer, and Zac Efron's lil bro.

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This Week

I sat outside and enjoyed a beer on the deck in +70° weather in the North East in November because we’re not taking good enough care of our planet. Btw, reading and enjoying Kim Stanley Robinson’s The Ministry for the Future.

🍺 Beer

🗣️ Marketing Beer

🍻 Drinking Beer

😝 Un-Beer

🤖 Bev Tech

  • Molson Coors is diving headfirst into the DTC game in the UK with the launch of Revl. They better be ready to duke it out with the likes of Beer52, BeerWulf, BeerHawk, and probably others I don’t know about because I’m just a Canadian living in the States who’s been to London like twice. (h/t @AdamDCollins)

  • Researchers, brewers, and the Metal Power consortium (it’s a thing) came together to develop the first beer brewing installation using iron power (super-efficient, burning iron fuel only produces rust, which can be sustainably converted back into iron powder). “15 million glasses of beer had been reportedly brewed with the current installation system. It seems that fossil fuels will be needed less and help get the University team closer to their goal of reaching zero CO2 emissions soon.” ⚡ (h/t TLDR)

📲 Follow of the Week

If you want to expand outside the beer world, Mark Gallo (@guhlo) has some really interesting insights into the broader world of beverages. He works at Nor-Cal Beverage Company, and tweets about everything from branding to manufacturing.

📸 Can of the Week

Focal Banger from The Alchemist in Stow, VT. Sipping out of the can while finishing up an eerily relevant season 2 of The Boys.


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– Kurt

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